Knee Pain Relief Using Laser Therapy – Too Good To Be True or Viable Option?


No one can believe it’s real! How can we live in a world where there is an FDA cleared device that carries no significant risk that really helps alleviate pain? It all just seems too good to be true so at our seminars, we do a demonstration. We ask for a volunteer who has knee pain to show us their range of motion through simple movements and to describe their pain on a scale of one to ten.

We choose knees for two reasons. One, most everyone has some kind of knee pain. Based on a 2009 survey there are approximately 2 million people suffering from osteoarthritis, and the knee is commonly involved. 4.5 million Americans have had at least one total knee replacement. That is 4.7% of all people over the age of 50! It’s big business in the US. The weeks out of work and the time for rehabilitation and the inherent risks of surgery have people looking for alternatives.

The second reason is knees respond quickly to the laser. A patient will notice relief and improved range of motion immediately after treatment pretty much every time. We have them move around and show the audience their improvement. For this doctor of 25 years, it is nothing short of a miracle every time! That is why we can treat someone confidently in the audience. Veterinarians use lasers on dogs, cats, and horses. It is not a placebo!

The real substance of what we do, however, is getting results that last longer than a few hours or days. That is where CuraLase brings its eight years of treating patients in real time with its unique, patented Class IIIb laser that does not burn or damage tissue. It is therapeutic, meaning it stimulates repair of tissue. It does no damage and has the FDA clearance to back it up. By the time a patient gets to us, they have had some injections which helped for a time or not at all and some physical therapy. Many of our patients even come to us with the artificial joint in place but still having significant pain. Mostly people are at the end of their rope with debilitating knee pain and contemplating surgery.

We evaluate everyone and see how best to help them. The laser treats all tissue in its path through the process of photobiostimulation. Muscles, bones, tendons, nerves—everything—gets stimulated. With the energy put into the tissue, the area is now on a path of healing and repair. CuraLase treatment promotes improved function in the growth, replication and repair of cells.

Over time we hope to see less and less patients requiring knee replacements and getting more years out of the natural joints they were born with. We have treated over 6,000 patients over the past eight years and know what works for the majority. We have used the knowledge garnered over time to get extraordinary results.

Imagine treating your knee and not needing surgery or chronic pain medications. This is our goal every time, and it is a miracle that is a pleasure for this doctor to witness!

Susan Pinsky, MD MPH

CuraLase Receives Highest Rating from Better Business Bureau

CuraLase is very proud to have the Better Business Bureau rate our organization with the highest rating, A+.

CuraLase treats many types of pain with FDA cleared and patented laser treatments. CuraLase has been operating since 2006 and has an 90 percent success rate in treating many types of pain including Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Shoulder/Rotator Cuff, and Trigeminal Neuralgia, and Autoimmune.

The CuraLase mission is to “provide treatments for the relief of pain that leads to a better quality of life for our patients”.

CuraLase Laser Pain Relief – Relief of Chronic Pain Using Patented Laser Treatment Technology

This is our first CuraLase blog. It is an incredible journey we are on, and we want to share our stories with you. We want to share with you patient stories, the latest updates with our technology, and advances in the field of CuraLase laser pain relief. It is an exciting time to be on the cutting edge of paradigm shifting care!

The more people that know and understand what we do, the more people we can help. Pain in the United States costs the country approximately $365 billion per year, twice as much as heart disease, the number one killer of Americans. Pain consumes us and takes us out of the game. It keeps us from living life fully. Here at CuraLase we help people get their lives back. Pain stops ruling them, and they begin to rule their pain—some of them for the first time in years.

We hope to share success stories with you and bring you along in our journey. We are on a quest to relieve pain in a safe and effective way with lasting results.

Our first story is about a young man who came to us with severe pain in the leg and difficulty walking after a surgical complication where he suffered sciatic nerve damage. In fact at the young age of 22, our patient came in with a walker. He was told by his physicians that the nerve damage from which he suffered would take time to heal and may not improve at all. What they could offer was traditional medicine: a pain medication, Neurontin, and a nerve conduction study. The study would help diagnose the specific nerve damage but would do nothing for treatment. The Neurontin might take the edge off the discomfort but did have side effects.

When I saw the patient for evaluation, I had not seen such an extensive case of nerve damage. The patient had been using a walker since the injury eight weeks prior, and his spirits were low. I decided to use a peripheral neuropathy protocol and advised the patient and family there were no guarantees but that we hoped to relieve his discomfort. We did not discuss the possibility of walking again without a walker as we are FDA cleared to treat pain, so I thought we could make a difference with his pain. We secretly hoped we could help him with his strength.

We began treatment immediately. He was young and desperate to be better. He had walked into his surgery just eight weeks prior and woke up unable to walk. His life was ever changed. Within a week of starting CuraLase treatment, our patient had some increased strength and decreased discomfort. We were cautious but hopeful that we were on the right path! For the first time in weeks the patient felt a glimmer of hope. As the weeks of therapy progressed, he became stronger and stronger. At the time of the final treatment, the patient came to me for his exit without his walker! We all had tears in our eyes as he walked out of the door of our clinic that last day with no assistance. His pain was relieved, he was walking, and he had his life back.

It was nothing short of a miracle for this doctor to witness—no negative side effects and a happy patient walking out of our office with hope, every step a reminder of the pain-free future ahead of him.

Susan Pinsky, MD MPH